Safe Shelter

Our primary responsibility is to provide safe shelter 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for people who are in crisis as a result of domestic violence. The shelter is a home-like environment in a secured building.  It offers a safe "timeout" for all family members and gives an opportunity to regain strength and control.  


This service is open to residents, to walk-ins, and by appointment.  Advocacy is available to men, women, and children who are dealing with current and/or past abusive experiences.   As an inclusive organization, we offer services  to LGBT clients and clients with limited English language skills.   Legal advocacy is also available during divorce or custody proceedings and in criminal cases related to domestic violence.  

Self-Help and Support Groups

To help build self-esteem, improve coping skills, and to offer an  opportunity to speak with others who have had similar experiences, we offer self-help and support groups for women and children.  


We can provide information about abuse and give referrals to other service agencies within the area.  


Program services are offered to shelter or walk-in clients. The program services that are currently available are Victim Services, Children & Youth Services, Transitional ServicesSenior & Vulnerable Adults Services, Hmong Services, Sexual Assault Services, and Visitation Services.