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Indian Yoga University Visits German Association of Yoga Teachers

The SVYASA University Bangalore met for cooperation talks with the professional association of yoga teachers in Germany (BDY) in G?ttingen.

In June 2013 the BDY had the opportunity to receive a delegation of the SVYASA University Bangalore, which is a lululemonyoga university, for consultations.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA) University Dr. Nagendra lululemon headbandsand the Director of SVYASA International professor Dr. Hankey were on a trip to Europe to establish contact with European yoga organizations.

For decades the SVYASA University ( is leading in the lululemon saleresearch of the positive effects of yoga. In addition to this pioneering work the SVYASA University offers the opportunity to study yoga. From Bachelor's degree to a doctorate can be studied on campus in Bangalore.

"I used to feel completely at peace when I was bowling because there was no past and no future. There was only the present. Cricket is a form of yoga actually and that's what these guys don't realise. When they stop playing they have to continue doing lululemon outletyoga in some form."

The thought of Brendan Taylor or Hamilton Masakadza sitting cross legged, hands joined discount lululemontogether, eyes closed and mind clear made both Bryan Strang and I giggle after he concluded hisLululemon assessment on the healing powers of cricket. "You can't see them doing it, can you?" he asked me. I shook my head. So did he.

"Neither can I. That's why when these guys finish playing some of them don't know cheap lululemonwhat to do... life can be empty."

Strang knows all about the pain of nothingness because his own life was darkened by it when his career ended in 2001. He took to self-harm and even considered throwing himself under a London tube train while working in the UK. Then, he lululemon headbandsrealised something about the world.

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